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Chris Brown

Fine China - Chris Brown

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Fine China - Chris Brown

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Ca sĩ: Chris Brown


1. Baby does he do it for ya
When he’s finish does he step back and adore ya
I just gotta know
Cause ya time is money and I won’t let him waste it
Oh no noooo
Baby just go with it
Cause when your with me I can’t explain it
It’s just different
We can take it slow
Or act like your my girl let’s skip the physics.

He’s so replaceable
Your worth the chase your good enough
It’s alright I'm not dangerous
When you're mine I'll be generous
You're irreplaceable
Just like fine china.

2. Favorite
Your my favorite
It’s like all the girls around me, don’t have faces
And they say it goes,
Life if just a game but I'm not playin.

[Chorus: 2x]

Took me awhile to find your love
Ain't no amount of time in this world
Give me a lot of time and just love me
Welcome to
Daily baby, daily
Are you sure? Are you ready
I know your heart been telling you, you been wrong for me
But I'm not, no no no.

It’s alright I'm not dangerous
When you're mine I'll be generous
You're irreplaceable
Just like fine china.
Fine China - Chris Brown
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