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Say Goodbye - S Club 7

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Say Goodbye - S Club 7

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Ca sĩ: S Club 7

In the years to come
Will you think about these moments that we shared
In the years to come
Are you gonna think it over
And how we lived each day with no regrets
Nothing lasts forever though we want it to
The road ahead holds different dreams for me and you

Sometimes goodbye though it hurts in your heart is the only way for destiny
Sometimes goodbye though it hurts is the only way now for you and me
Though its the hardest thing to say
I'll miss your love in every way
So say goodbye
But don't you cry
Cause true love never dies

In a year from now
Maybe there'll be things we'll wish we'll never said
In a year from now
Maybe we'll see each other, stnding on the same street corner though it rains
Welcome to
Each and every end is always written in the stars
If only i could stop the World i'd make this last


And when you need my arms to run into
I'll come for you
Nothing will ever change the way i feel

Say Goodbye - S Club 7
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