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Big Picture - T.I

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Big Picture - T.I

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Ca sĩ: T.I
Sáng tác: Album: No Mercy

I see the big picture, I know....

What it is, big dog?
I know I'm the shit, 'cause I bounce back.
Totally recovered from a pit fall.
Don't make you a fighter just because you got your fist (?)
It's get right and get paid, or good night and get lost.
Bitches talk big shit, even when my dick's soft,
everyday my birthday, they just wanna get they licks on.
Rocket ship, lift off. Come sit on my launch pad.
G5, mile high, group sex, jet lag.
Booty on checks cash, million, just stash.
Even if you hate me, shouldn't you respect that?
Yeah, you're now rockin' with the best, dad.
Chicks see me and be like "look at T.I. with his zig zag."
Wishin' they could take a ride on my moustache.
Or maybe see the inside of my blush pad.
But I must pass, I know what you want, up late one night, early morning, and, you (?) on me...


On my motherfucking life,
I'm so motherfucking tight.

They say he think he the shit,
I say you motherfucking right.
Teach a motherfucking dyke
To learn to love sucking pipe.
Busts his cars, trucks and bikes in my yard,
up the price of my performance, now I'm going for a half a mil a night.
Quarter million just to party if you gots to get it right.
Niggas (?), but I know something, if I put (?)
... End a nigga life..
Man, I keep the one hundred, a thousand to be precise,
Welcome to
If you (?) me frontin', go find a mountain and take a hike.
Yeah, I know you set your sights on me, tryna get strikes, homie.
Looks smaller, but feels bigger in real life, don't it?
I'm all that and more, ain't nothing but the hyph on it.
I'm sharing life moments, ain't nobody write for me.
You a one trick pony, I'm quadruple threat, homie.
Up late, 4 in the morning, and, hey... You (?) on me...

Big Picture - T.I
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