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To Be Number One - Giorgio Moroder

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To Be Number One - Giorgio Moroder

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Ca sĩ: Giorgio Moroder
Sáng tác: Giorgio Moroder

Official Song Of Fifa World Cup Italy 90

This is what we've worked for all our lives
Reaching for the highest goal we can
We choose to give it all

When competition calls
Time records the victory in our hearts
To win or lose is not the only thing
It's all in how we play for the fairest game
This is the chance we take
Reaching for the top
Time records the victory in our hearts

To be number one...
Running like the wind
(Like the wind)
Playing hard but always playing fair
(Oh yeah...)

To be number one...
Winning again and again
Reaching higher through Italian sky
(Through Italian sky)

This is what we've wanted all our lives
Welcome to
Shining like a shooting star at night
We've got to give it all
When we hear the call
Time records the victory in our hearts

To be number one...
To be number one...number one...
To Be Number One - Giorgio Moroder
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