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Romance Is - Lights

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Romance Is - Lights

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Ca sĩ: Lights

Your three sides of my excited circle, two lovers, juxtapose with your ways
Broken window dreams color her eyes in with black lines
Let it all run down, let it all run down

It's one way to afford a horizon and not to mention
It's one way to say we're abandoned, and we don't belong here at all

There's no explanation or forewarning underneath, all the silver linings
We approach the streets with a clear conscience we'll survive
Let it all fall down, let it all fall down

It's one way to afford a horizon and not to mention
It's one way to say we're abandoned, and we don't belong here at all

And romance just is...

Slow it all down, the damage is done
Play the music loud, don't make a sound
Welcome to
Lets raise a toast to the sad story, in a dirty cup, in a dirty cup
You made it, you made it hurt so bad
You made it hurt, so bad.

With a little poison they can burn this whole place down, to the ground again...
Romance Is - Lights
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