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The One With Me - Xuân Nghi

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The One With Me - Xuan Nghi

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Ca sĩ: Xuân Nghi

Welcome to
Hey baby let me see do you recognize me. Do you used to look at me everytime we met?
I didn’t know who you are, I didn’t know where you’re from.
But suddenly I look at you and see that you’re so sweet.
I don’t know what it means, your look! It’s so mystery.
Sometimes I imagine that you have crush on me.
But now I realize that I just hurt myself for being just like a fool.

All the girl are nice and beautiful, you used to talk to them made me so confuse about my love for you.
I can’t believe that I felt in love just with the pretty eyes and I can’t help it now, oh. You’re an angel in my heart. Look at the sunshine, ride on your new bike, everything in my mind. Just like a perfect dream of mine. Baby, though you need to be the one with me
The One With Me - Xuân Nghi
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