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Psycho - 50 Cent; Eminem

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Psycho - 50 Cent; Eminem

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Ca sĩ: 50 Cent; Eminem

[50 cent]
I can hear your heartbeat, your scared, yeah yeah
I can hear your heartbeat, your scared (x2)

You see, I’m a psycho, a sicko, I’m crazy
I see, I come at night, boy, I kill you, you make me
They wanna see me shot up, locked up and cage me
I’ll come back bigger, stronger and angry

Look look, I’ve come from a different crew
You fuck with me, I’ll get to you
A clip or two, I’ll put through you
’cause I ain’t got shit to do
Pistol poppin, a puzzy drop
Drama never ever stop
Eenie meenie miney moe
Now try pow a 44
Pick a strap to take the mag
To hold and stab it in your back
I’ll blow your brain, I know your name
And where you rest, I’ll make a mess
The holla tipsy in ch-chest
Call for blood to EMS
Come pick you up
You know you fucked when
You get on a strecther
’cause I’ll come in ICU
To see you off to heaven
The system out I done been through
There’s nothing new to me
They locked me up they left me out
You seen this in the movies
The criminals be criminals
Why they up in corrections
They come and get at 9
Nigga crown me a perfection
It’s murder when they found the gun now they doing ballistic
But they can’t find a fingerprint the shit’s going terrific
He’s so close to your target that it’s really hard to miss it


Man these are average raps
You keepin the savage batch hidden
The can of whoop ass what the shady aftermath did
You pop off the top its like opening vats of acid
Beat the octamom to death with a cabbage patch kid
Attack a snatch ya theres something to jack a bad chin
Impregnated the chewed up the embryo sack with mack 10s
Triplets quadruplets and a couple of back to back twins
That fetus is fallin out all over jack is back again
The rippers at your service
Girl I can see that your nervous
But I barely scratch the surface
Like my last batch of girlfriends
That I buried in my fuckin backyard
Still trying to dig their way out
I foam like an attack dog, how late you wanna stay out
lyrics courtesy of
Its past your curfew when its dark
Im searchin for you in the park
Shady murdered him another virgin he just hit his mark
He met his quota for the month
They found a coat all rolled up
Inside a bag he probably dragged the body for about a block
Disappeared without a trace
No DNA no not a drop
Cause me and dre and 50 we will never get caught by the cops
CSI they hate us but they gotta give alot of props
The drama pops
Grab the butcher knife from off the counter top


Yeah, Im as ill as can be
my appeal is to serial killers
what appeals to me,
killing so villainously,
still as maniacal on the night going psycho
its michael myers,
you know what were like on the muthaf-cking mic,
so try us and your gonna find out,
what the fuck were like with pliers,

[50 cent]
this operation time to gut em,
whipped out the wires,
squeeze em, he bleeding, wheezing, breathing he half dead,
Welcome to
he must not know but now he now how shady the math is,
even murderous tactics get bed up with practice,
lyrics courtesy of
lead shells, gun powder, fill the tellers ….,
truly ours Julia, you better learn learn,

Chris Reeves in his grave,
yeah homie turn turn,
Im debating, mutilating the lady,
youve been waiting for shady and fifty,
there no duplicating it baby,
theres a baby in the drive,
theres a torso in the washer,
I think it might leave them a long the porsche when I torched her,
arms and legs in the garbage cos the rest of her,
I lost her,
her head is in the disposal with Jessica I squashed her,
i put her on the ringer and hung her over the wash tub,

[50 Cent]
When I’m through with … it will be blood that’ll cough up
get caught up and get washed up,
in Detroit or Northfolk,
when is this … nausuas,
look deep in my eye and see many many many … eye,
I swing gym stars faster than samaurai,

Psycho - 50 Cent; Eminem
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