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Move Somethin' - LL Cool J

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Move Somethin' - LL Cool J

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Ca sĩ: LL Cool J

[verse 1]
Push it out girl, arch your back
Those 7 jeans is fittin' like bubble-rap
Plus, they are low on your hips
You dear let me grab
That thing you do keeps me brick
50 told ya 'bout the magic stick
Come on, lean on me
I'm in love wit dis scenery
Poke it out
Pond the river pond the bank stroke it out
Sweat for ya man
Both hands on your hips for your man
Me and the boys is your biggest fans
Every time we see you we be like, damn
Work it girl, move something, hurt me girl

Move something, come on
Come on, come on, move something
Come on, come on, move something
Come on, prove something
Come on, come on, move something
Come on, come on, move something
Come on, come on, move something
Come on, prove something

[verse 2]
Such a pimply aura
Way, way hotter than I was before-ah
She wanna sit courtside, next to a balla
Where the paper's longer and cats are taller
I’m off on my own
Do the math mommy, L's on the thrown
Now take it to the floor
Do a split, if you really hardcore
Man listen, here I'm hot today
Not concerned with last year
I see your little shorty ride shotgun
But I be at stop lights with a hot one
Made her hop out over something
Jump on my joint and prove something
I laugh at y'all
Don’t worry about the check, already cashed it y'all


Uh, pull it to the side
Shake it for daddy, it's time to ride
Make it sweat till it slide
Welcome to
Do your thing like it’s justified
Tease me a little
It’s my turn to take it to the middle
Let me palm that thing
You got the bomb, I'll disarm that thing
Jump it around girl, I want that thing
You had the know the way you flaunt that thing
Your bodies jumpin'
Ain't no frontin' when your proving somethin'
Make eye contact with me
Now bring that thing back to me
You do your thing so naturally
I think I’m in love actually

Move Somethin' - LL Cool J
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