Should've Said No (Live) lyrics

Taylor Swift

Should've Said No (Live) - Taylor Swift; Jonas Brothers

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Should've Said No (Live) - Taylor Swift; Jonas Brothers

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Ca sĩ: Taylor Swift; Jonas Brothers

It's strange to think the songs we used to sing
The smiles, the flowers, everything: is gone
Yesterday I found out about you
Even now just looking at you: feels wrong
You say that you'd take it all back, given one chance
It was a moment of weakness and you said yes...


You should've said no, you should've gone home
You should've thought twice before you let it all go
You should've know that word, bout what you did with her
Would get back to me...
And I should've been there, in the back of your mind
I shouldn't be asking myself why
You shouldn't be begging for forgiveness at my feet...
You should've said no, baby and you might still have me

You can see that I've been crying
And baby you know all the right things: to say
But do you honestly expect me to believe
We could ever be the same...
Welcome to
You say that the past is the past, you need one chance
It was a moment of weakness and you said yes...

[Repeat Chorus]

I can't resist... before you go, tell me this
Was it worth it...
Was she worth this...

No... no no no...

[Repeat Chorus]
Should've Said No (Live) - Taylor Swift; Jonas Brothers
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