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I Have A Dream - Common; Will.I.Am

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I Have A Dream - Common; Will.I.Am

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Ca sĩ: Common; Will.I.Am
Sáng tác: Freedom Writer OST

[Chorus - and Martin Luther King]
(I am happy...I Have a Dream) I got a Dream
(That One Day ) Were gonna work it out out out
(That One Day ) Were gonna work it out out out
(That One Day ) Were gonna work it out
(I Have a Dream) I got a Dream
(That One Day ) Were gonna work it out out out
(That One Day ) Were gonna work it out out out
(That One Day ) Were gonna work it out
(I Have a Dream) I got a Dream
(That One Day) That one day
(That One Day) I'ma look deep within myself
(I Have a Dream) I gotta find a way...
My Dream Is To Be Free
My Dream Is To Be
My Dream Is To Be
My Dream Is To Be Free

[Verse 1]
In search of brighter days, I ride through the maze of the madness,
Struggle is my address, where pain and crack lives,
Gunshots comin' from sounds of Blackness,
Given this game with no time to practice,
Born on the Black list, told I'm below average,
A life with no cabbage,
That's no money if you from where I'm from,
Funny, I just want some of your sun
Dark clouds seem to follow me,
Alcohol that my pops swallowed bottled me,
No apology, I walk with a boulder on my shoulder,
It's a Cold War - I'm a colder soldier,
Hold the same fight that made Martin Luther the King,
I ain't usin' it for the right thing,
In between Lean and the fiens, hustle and the schemes,
I put together pieces of a Dream
I still have one


[Verse 2]
The world's seen me lookin' in the mirror,
Images of me, gettin' much clearer,
Dear Self, I wrote a letter just to better my soul,
If I don't express it then forever I'll hold, inside
I'm from a side where we out of control,
Rap music in the 'hood played a fatherly role,
Welcome to
My story's like yours, yo it gotta be told,
Tryna make it from a gangsta to a godlier role,
Read scrolls and stow slaves,
And Jewish people in cold cage,
Hate has no color or age, flip the page,
Now my rage became freedom,
Writin' dreams in the dark, they far but I can see 'em,
I believe in Heaven more than Hell,
Blessings more than jail,
In the ghetto let love prevail,
With a story to tell, my eyes see the glory and well,
The world waitin' for me to yell "I Have a Dream"

I Have A Dream - Common; Will.I.Am
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