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Private Number - 911

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Private Number - 911

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Ca sĩ: 911
Sáng tác: 911

Since I’ve been gone
You’ve had your number changed, ooh yeah
But my love for you, girl
Still remains the same, mmm
Now, I’ve been loving you and
You’ve been loving me so long
Baby, what’s wrong
So I’m asking

Baby, baby, baby
Please let me have your number, yeah
Baby, baby, baby
Please let me have your number, ooh

I’m sorry you couldn’t call me when you were gone
Well I tried to call you, baby haah haah, baby
But other fellows kept on calling while you are gone, hmm yeah
So I had my number changed
But I’m not acting strange
Welcome home
Baby, nothing’s wrong
So I’m saying

Baby, baby, baby
You can have my private number
Baby, baby, baby
You can have my private number, oh

Oooh, so if I called ye
Will you be home
Oh, I will be waiting
There by the phone
Now I know your number
Though it’s been changed
Tell me now, baby
Love’s still remains
I've, I've been loving you I’ve been loving you
You've been loving me You’ve been loving me so long, oh, so long baby
Nothing’s wrong
So I’m asking
Welcome to

Baby, baby, baby
You can have my private number
Baby, baby, baby
You’ve given me your private number

You know I want, you know I want
You know I need, you know I need
You baby
Baby, baby, baby, baby

You know I want, you know I want
You know I need, you know I need
You baby

You know I want
You know I need
You baby
Private Number - 911
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