On And On (On & On) lyrics

Nicole Scherzinger

On And On (On & On) - Nicole Scherzinger; Mannie Fresh

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On And On (On & On) - Nicole Scherzinger; Mannie Fresh

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Ca sĩ: Nicole Scherzinger; Mannie Fresh
Sáng tác: Album: Her Name Is Nicole

Yo this is Mannie Fresh yo haa...

Everybody on the floor
Let's do it
I got something that's gonna make you move and groove
Everybody get up let's dance
Movin' on and on

It’s ten o’clock
I call my girls
It’s time to get going, going
It’s ten o’clock we hit the spot
It’s time to get jumping, jumping

We step inside
It’s feeling right
Coz I’m in the mood
Just tryna find the one to pursue just for the night
Coz that’s how we do

Get your body on the floor
Let’s do this
I got something
That’s gonna make you move and groove

Everybody get up
Let’s dance all night
On & on & on

It’s 12 o’clock
The party’s hot
I wanna do something, something
Welcome to
1 o’clock don’t wanna go if you’re still rocking, rocking

I look at you
And I know you’re feeling me too
Living like there’s nothing to loose tonights the night
We’re gonna groove

[Chorus x4]
On And On (On & On) - Nicole Scherzinger; Mannie Fresh
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Cảm nhận: On And On (On & On) - Nicole Scherzinger; Mannie Fresh
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