Rip (Remix) lyrics

Rip (Remix) - NaH

Người gởi: chickenbaby
Gởi: 12/06/2008 18:09
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Rip (Remix) - NaH

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Ca sĩ: NaH

Lyric :
When I’m flowin take a moment to be playin this song
I never felt so lonely only since the day I was born
Ever since u been gone, I find myself askin why
Why it had to be u? why u up in da sky?
Why u no longer wit us? plus why was ur life
Taken away so soon I felt so empty inside
That one fateful night when u had to go away
Sometimes I wish, it was me, just so that u could stay
Imagine u today, always full of laughter
We'd be tight, like, I couldn’t be mad at ya
Now, what would it take just for me to say
That ur baby girl is great and she doin ok
I see her and ur son, every now and again
He growin up fast, lookin just like u my friend
Now I know they say dreams don’t always come true
But ain’t nobody said that I couldn’t dream about u

Why, did u have to go
Away, from here
Do, u even know
The pain, the tears

Got a call from my mama it was half past eleven
Gotta go to the hospital where grandma was staying
“She could pass away any day” the doctor was saying
All the aunties were there, the teardrops, they were praying
Grandma had 12 kids, raised them through the war years
She’s a God’s child worked in the church for thirty four years
Now she lying there, eyes closed, yeah she was sleeping
But the small thing by the bed it may stop beeping
Grandfather died a couple of years ago
My mama had already shed so many tears ya know
I told her grandma gonna be fine, I saw her crying
But I’m no expert so yeah maybe I was lying
Cuz the doctor walked out with a sad facial expression
A moment of silence, we all know what had happened
Someone burst into tears, and some just walked away
Tried to hide the pain when their loved one passed away

Life, we can never know
When God calls, we gotta go home
Life, we can never know
When God calls, we gotta go home

Tears drop every time they boxed up
And taken from me it’s fucked up
That I’m losing all my friends family
They fading from me like distant memories
It’s crazy that it has to be this way
Life is not a game that u can just sit down n play
So people need to stop living for tomorrow n be grateful for today
Welcome to
For having family by urside to help u find ur way
Reassuring u everything will be ok
Cos 1 day u will be left in sorrow when they pass away
Ur brightest days turn into the darkest days
Memories are all that remains
Images of happiness locked up in ur brain
That u can play it back time and time again
Every time u want the pain
And agony of an inevitable tragedy memory to come to an end
So let ur mind be released and let the spirit of a lost one ascend

I shed a tear for the fallen the lost and the gone
For anyone who's ever loved and lost someone
I say a prayer for the fallen the lost and the gone
For anyone who's ever loved and lost someone
Rip (Remix) - NaH
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