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Hitler Rap - Whitest Kids U' Know

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Hitler Rap - Whitest Kids U' Know

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Ca sĩ: Whitest Kids U' Know


Driving down the streets in the fancy car!
Say H-I-T-L-E-R!
Thought we’d never make it but here we are!


The name is A!
And I’m back in command!
Cause I’m the illest fuhrer
Representing Deutschland

Reich 1, reich 2, reich 3..
That’s me! The master mind behind World War 3
No, 2! My bad! Oh well, start it over!
Been gone for so long but now I’m back and I’ma show ya!
Everybody Hitler-hatin when they speak my name!
But it’s the new millenium and the Fuhrer has changed!
And what I bet yall didn’t know is now I’m down with the jews!
The gypsies, homosexuals and retards too!
Cause I stopped burning people, started burning CD’s!
Stopped battlin’ the world, started battlin’ MC’s!
Just started bustin’ rhymes, finally found my groove,
And now the “S.S? on my jacket stands for “Super Smooth?



To all the aryans in the area that are carryin’ rhymes!
And neo-nazi’s better watch me, catch on up with the times!
When other rappers see me coming, yo they run and they hide!
I grab the mic and commit lyrical genocide!
Cause when it comes to droppin hooks there is –None greater!
Throw a finger to my public, then I grab my dictator!
Cause I’m flexin my might and I’m showing my strength,
I’ll get your lady “Going, get her moaning “Mein Kampf!?
No longer Nazi, but I still like to party!
And there are plenty women up in here with master racy bodies!
Blonde hair, blue eyes, you know I like em’ that way …
Yo, Goering, you got something to say?

Creep with me! As I roll through the Rhine!
Out getting yours while I’m out getting mine!
Got a skull on my jacket. Pimp it, it pays.
Got hoes hunkered in my bunker and they stay there for days.
Got a shorty waiting for me at every point of the land!
And that just comes with being Adolf’s right hand man!
I’m the Chairman of the Council of Defense of the Reich
Welcome to
And if you’ll come back to my castle, babe, we’ll stay up all night!


Driving down the street in my Panzer tank!
Sittin’ drinkin’ Cris’ with my bitch Anne Frank!
And when I step into the club’s you know I’m steppin with style!
Raise my left hand, party people say “Heil!?
Got a page from Eva Braun, that I’ll say that I missed,
There’s a party up at Schindlers and I’m on his “A-list!?
Cause I put my past behind! Ya’ll can think what you will!
But no more propoganda, it’s Triumph of the Ill!


Yo, that’s it that’s my rhyme!
We outta here!
Give it up! Give it up!
West Berlin!
Hitler Rap - Whitest Kids U' Know
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