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One Life One Love - Jin

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One Life One Love - Jin

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Ca sĩ: Jin
Sáng tác: Jin

Lookin back on my life as i sit at my desk
i would never imagine myself to be so blessed
with an angel from heaven
A gift from God,some one that i could love forever
Be on the first side
you're the first thing i think about when the sun shines bright
And you're the last thing i think about when i sleep at night
you and me princess, we're the perfect team
and i won't hesitate to call you the girl of my dreams
cuz when i need you, you're just a phone call away
when i'm not with you, i miss you oh so much
and how much you soothe my soul with a simple touch
you will never know just how much you mean to me
But i got the rest of my life just to help you see
i only got one life
I can never have two
but as long as i'm alive i wanna spend it with you

One Life One Love wei ni fu chu wo suo you
Yao rang kuai le yong yuan dou zai ni zuo you

When i have you in my arms and i close my eyes
i wouldn't care if the whole would pass me by
cuz i live to make you happy
just to see you smile
just to make you giggle, i love your style
those late after noons together when the sun just sets
to those early morning talks
girl you are the best
i'm so amazed that you're psyched
i ask questions too like how can a guy like me deserve a girl like you
i feel so blessed but at the same time so unworthy
i trust you with my heart
i know you won'y hurt me
everything about you is perfect
i love your lips
i love your smile
i cherish every hug and kiss
and i can't wait for the nights when i can hold you tight
next to me with you as my wife
you're my hope when i'm helpless
when it's dark the light
i give you all that i have
And that is my love and my life


Everynight when i pray, i thank the lord for
you're so rare, sweet, cute and loving too
i'm so privilged just to call you boo
i owuld drop everything just to spend a second with you
Welcome to
i'll be right here for you
even if times get rough
cuz to me always you're the definition of love
you hold the key to my heart
only you can get in
lookin' in your eyes are like the shining stars in heaven
i would do anything for
cuz girl you're so worth it
looks are great but your personality is so perfect
you're my perfect match
my soul mate, my best friend
you're my infinity on a scale of one to ten
i mean every word that i say
just look in my eyes
the love that we share is never made to die
i just wanna make you happy
baby that's my goal
i'll forever love with all my heart and soul
One Life One Love - Jin
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