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Big Bang - Big Bang

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Big Bang - Big Bang

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Ca sĩ: Big Bang

B to the I to the G
B to the ANG... let's do it
So get them hands up high
We gon' get this party started right

C'mon everybody let's all get down
It's the T-O-P, I be the baddest around 'n
Suckas don't wanna come test my poundin
I see'em hollin they chest fall on the ground 'n
drownin' see they weren't original
I got it like that and everybody know
That when I rock the mic my super duper flows
Come hittin' left to right whatever way it goes it's whoa
freezing yall like zero below I be'zin total control fa sheez I'm more than you know yo
I hits that 1 2 3 and 4 ya best believe it's comin' straight outta Seoul

Yo yo yo they sayin this 'n that so pitiful
I bring a fist and a smack that's real lethal and oh no
You be runnin for your dear life man
How ya like me now I'm livin real tight man
Don'chu wish you had the honeys like mine man
I saw you peepin steady creepin it was triflin
I grab the mic 'n, and now you frighten
GD don't get it till the day there ain't no life 'n

B to the I to the G
B to the ANG... let's do it
So get them hands up high
We gon' get'cha funkdafied
B to the I to the G
B to the ANG... let's do it
So get them hands up high
We gon' get this party started right

[Vrs 2]
Yo, my baby
She told me, that I was her one and only
She's no phony, she's my roni,
And she would always like to ride my pony
(Are you all in love?) That's right no balony
(Are you pushin up?) That's right no balony
Word homie, she's all for me
That's how we kick it, that's the end of story

My baby told me it gets real tonight
Welcome to
'N I'm so excited gonna do it right what I wanna do
What I'm gonna do - Ain't no thang, to my game
We'll be doin the do, It's just me and my baby


[Vrs 3]
Yo we got'em on throw
Putin' they hands up in the air and sayin ho
Fillin the club back to back like oh, my, god oh my oh
These honeys lookin flya than I ever did know
They all know, the big to the bang do they thang, it's all pro
And everythang ain't a thang we rock yo
So just let it go and get into our swang baby
Big Bang - Big Bang
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