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Because I Love You - Groove Coverage

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Because I Love You - Groove Coverage

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Ca sĩ: Groove Coverage

I got your letter
From the postman
Just the other day
So I decided
To write you this song

Just to let you know
Exactly the way I feel
To let you know
My love's for real

Because I love you
And I'll do anything
I'll give you my heart
My everything

Because I love you
I'll be right by your side
To be alive
To be your guy

If you should feel
That I don't really care
And that you're starting to lose ground

Just let me reassure you
That you can count on me
And that I will always be around
Welcome to

Because I love you
My heart's an open door
So won't you please come on in

Because I love you
I'll be right by your side
To be alive
To be your guy
Because I Love You - Groove Coverage
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