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Nice - Chris Brown; The Game

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Nice - Chris Brown; The Game

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Ca sĩ: Chris Brown; The Game
Sáng tác: Album: Exclusive; Bonus Track

The Meanest The Meaner The Second i seen her
got me open Got Me lookin Loosing all my Control
The Passion im feinin
Baby You're The new Meanin
But I Found Myself Trippin When You Walked Through The Door
and i no It's not like me gettin beside Myself She Got Me Fillin That Way
And I know Its not Likely That You Gonna Deny Me And Just Walk Away

I'll Be That Guy That dont Have Time To Play,
somethin Like a Schedule but its bout tha same
The Ballers In The corner are Ready For Ya Game
Its lookin Like dem Nokkers Are Ready For My Chain
She Be That Girl I'll Be Watin For
Sending me dem Signals That I Can't Ignore
But I Was gonna Get Her On The Dancefloor
Then I Saw Her Head To The Exit Door

Call Her Nice Cause She Got It,
Do It Whatever Whenever Cause She Bout It
dat deer Nice Cause I Got It Do It Whatever Whenever Cause I'm Bout It
I'm Fallin For Her,She Got Me Trap
That Girl Is Nice Cause She Got,She Got It,She Got It, Breathe, Breathe

her body is Screamin
I Think That She Missin
Ain't sayin What You Sayin I'm Loosin My Cool
You Picture A Soldier now I Got Me A Rider
And You Ain't Got To Stress Ya Cause It's Nothin To Proove
I Know It Ain't Easy Being A Sexy Girl thats Always Gettin In Her Way
But I'm Gonna Tell Ya
You Got Me Up On Ya
And I Won't Slip Away


[The Game:]
You Niggas Know Now
That It's Bout Get Down
The Club Is Packed Up
The Word Arround Town
This Is The Jump Off
You Know When The Shit Drops
Ya This Is The Jump Off I Did It For big pac
All My Chris Out The Bichtes Are To Hot
The Takin There Clothes Off
The yellin At Tupac
Cause I'm From The West-Side
And The From The East-Coast
My Niggas From Down-South The Lettin There teeth-Show
Welcome to
Cause This Ain't Def Jam And This Ain't Bad Boy
This Ain't Star Trek This Is The Last Court They Turnin The Lights On
The Bar Is Shot Down I'm Walkin With Scott Storch
And We In The Frunt Now Whatmacher Seen You're Girlfriends
You Gonna Get Knokt Off We Happen In 6.4 Cause
This Bout The Get Down
(its goin down)

[Chris Brown:]
Call Her Nice Cause She Got It,
Do It Whatever Whenever Cause She Bout It
Got That Nice Cause I Got It
Do It Whatever Whenever Cause I'm Bout It
I'm Fallin For Her She Got Me Trap That Girl Is Nice
Nice - Chris Brown; The Game
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