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Everywhere And Nowhere - Antony Costa

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Everywhere And Nowhere - Antony Costa

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Ca sĩ: Antony Costa

I know you feel the same as I do
I know you'll always keep our love true
And I can't believe that I've got you

Cause you, you make me feel like I can be strong
You give me faith to carry on

You make me love you make me laugh you make me cry
You make me feel when I get down that I can fly
And after all that we've been through
I can't love you more but I do
I'm everywhere and nowhere without you

Althought I'm scared to hit the ground now
At least you stop me looking down somehow
And when nobody understands me
Welcome to

You, you give me the strength to rescue my plan
You give me faith in who I am

You brought my lost hope back to life
You keep my secret safe tonight now and always
Everywhere And Nowhere - Antony Costa
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