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For A Lifetime - Melee

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For A Lifetime - Melee

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Ca sĩ: Melee

Devils and angels on this old street
22 years and I'm still asleep at home,
It's all that I've known
Most of my friends have all moved away,
Gone off to college to find their weight in gold

Every day is a lifetime,
Back to the beginning again
And we slave for a lifetime, for a lifetime

There's nothing real on my TV screen
It's all a network reality
And it shows in our broken homes
Most of my friends are all moving back
To a life less certain than yesterday
It's a backwards step we made

Every day is a lifetime,
Back to the beginning again
And we slave for a lifetime, for a lifetime
And we'll walk free in the end
Under the sun
We're all working hard
Not sure if it will pay
Can you believe

That the last few years left us poor and here today?

Devils and angels on this old street
Now they got the same secrets as you and me
Welcome to
So let's open our doors,
Let's open our doors, for the world to see

Everyday is a lifetime,
Back to the beginning again
And we slave for a lifetime,
And we'll walk free in the end
Everyday is a lifetime, it's a lifetime under the sun
For A Lifetime - Melee
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