The Day We Find Love lyrics

The Day We Find Love - 911

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The Day We Find Love - 911

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Ca sĩ: 911
Sáng tác: 911

Isn't the first time, won't be the last time

Don't you worry, I don't mean to make you sad
My tears will soon be over
With your conscience clear for a new life ahead
Don't be sorry, I really need to hear the truth
The only thing I'm asking, 'cause I need you to
Remember me as the only one who sets you free
Maybe time alone will make you see
How deep our love could be
No, it's never too late

'Cause I know this isn't the first time
Won't be the last time
I surrender my soul 'cause you're always
Keeping me waiting,
Anticipating the day we find love once again

I won't give up while there's a glimmer of a chance
A dream that's never ending
Inviting love and a perfect romance
A burning passion, oh, baby, you're my destiny
But the message I'm receiving is you're through with me
But I'll be there even though you tell me you don't care, no, no
How could you forget the times we shared
Welcome to
Don't throw our love away
You know it's never too late

Repeat Chorus

Ooh, remember me as the only one who sets you free
Maybe time alone will make you see how deep our love could be
No, it's never too late, no, no, no, no

Repeat Chorus to fade
The Day We Find Love - 911
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