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Riding To Hustle - Nah

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Gởi: 23/02/2007 19:11
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Riding To Hustle - Nah

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Ca sĩ: Nah
Sáng tác: Nah

Every place got its own style of hustle
In my ghetto Saigon, this is how we do

[Verse 1]
Get up early in the morning then ready my bike
We have no car but motorbikes are just too many to ride
When you out in these street, it ain’t so easy, your sight
Would be nothing cuz smoke from these shits have shady your eyes
Ridin in my block while I’m looking for air
Like the taxi drivers do, I’m also looking for fares
Pricing then driving yeah I’m finding money
But hold up let’s do the hustling, “hey buy this for me?”
I have homies ridin motorbikes to pimp hoes
They also sell crack to the niggas who do dope
For artists like me, those would be a mistake
So what do I hustle? I hustle my mixtapes.

[Hook] x2
Down to the struggle
You know I must go
Ridin to hustle

[Verse 2]
Ridin to hustle ain’t like Chamillionaire
It’s so simple because I ain’t a billionaire
Still have breakfast with sandwich and mayonnaise
But I didn’t get laid, that’s so unfair
And the cops here they never gonna hate me
2 dollars that’s enough for them to have tea
Give them some paper they’ll set you straight free
On these Saigon street that’s something you see daily

(Imitating voices of polices singing)
Here’s something I’ll let you know
Gimme something I’ll let you go
But young man just plz get low
I don’t want this shit to get known
It’s something you shoulda known
Give him something he’ll let you go
But Nah sir just plz get low
We don’t want this shit to get known

[Hook] x2
Down to the struggle
You know I must go
Ridin to hustle

[Verse 3]
It’s the combination of taxi and hustle
Welcome to
Pimps, gangstas, punks and all kinda trouble
On the motorbikes they ride others to work
Ride kids to school and ride playa to lust
At night the street race is for the racers
Rappers sell cds and get the papers
Hood life goes on, but you don’t hear no shot
There ain’t no gun but killing is on the block

[Pre-hook] x2
Homie this is our hood life
Lord I don’t know, where is the good sign
When you’re here you know that’s right
It’s the city on the dark side

[Hook] x2
Down to the struggle
You know I must go
Ridin to hustle
Riding To Hustle - Nah
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