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Intro - Nah

Người gởi: N.A.H
Gởi: 23/11/2006 18:17
Downloads: 2664
Nghe: 58039
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Intro - Nah

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Ca sĩ: Nah
Sáng tác: Nah

Yo, turn it on man, Nah brings to you the album Saigon Illest
Represent Vietnam yo…
I’ma tell y’all something about me…
Yo…Yo…It’s my intro…Here we go…

This is my intro (It’s Nah)
Homie ya don’t know (Who’s Nah?)
Then act like ya don’t know (I’m Nah)
Then I’ma tell ya my thang how it goes

[Verse 1]
People call me Nah I got an intro to tell
The story of my life it was distinguished as hell
I was born and grow up in a proper family
And I live in Saigon I’m a pure vietnamese
But my bad, me and my parents, we often have beef
15 years old I started to hang out in the street
I got my own life, and I work so damn hard
I work till late night, rap leaves me damn scarred
I don’t have many real friend but haters
I don’t really have no girl they turned out liar
My life’s going down I don’t know what I’d be
But I believe some day life would be better for me

[Hook] x2
This is my intro (It’s Nah)
Homie ya don’t know (Who’s Nah?)
Then act like ya don’t know (I’m Nah)
Then I’ma tell ya my thang how it goes

[Verse 2]
I do a lot of thinking about this damn fucking life
So I put my message in my damn fucking rhyme
Maybe I’m weird I ain’t accepted in the game
Cuz I act to proper, but bitches I’m doing my thang
I don’t rap about guns and hoes I ain’t no gangsta
And I ain’t try to act hard like those stupid wankstas
Homie I’m emotional and nicer than your mama
Sure my rhyme could even impress your grandpa
Welcome to
Oh and excuse me, rap ain’t the top twenty
So don’t look at the chart and start to offend me
Now you can say my accent is so damn strange
Well it’s just something to make you bitch remember the name

[Hook] x2
This is my intro (It’s Nah)
Homie ya don’t know (Who’s Nah?)
Then act like ya don’t know (I’m Nah)
Then I’ma tell ya my thang how it goes

The show is coming
I’m the most emotional
The Saigon Illest
The Hell’s Soul
Ch’yeah homie…
Intro - Nah
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