I'm Dead ( Remixed ) lyrics

I'm Dead ( Remixed ) - Nah

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Gởi: 27/10/2006 20:48
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I'm Dead ( Remixed ) - Nah

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Ca sĩ: Nah
Sáng tác: Nah

[Verse 1]
Everybody has their own final destiny
Well maybe I've soon reach my wretched destiny
I know I'm dead cuz I walked but nobody saw me
I tried to talk, I shouted but how…they still don’t care about me
I believe in God so then I just got down on my knees
I prayed but seem like he doesn't wanna get me
That's when my lifeless soul just wanna leave my body
There's only the damn shadow and a deadly silent sound around me
Well maybe that's the payback cuz I am cold hearted
Cuz I ignore people's pain then I make my soul damaged
In the rain I've walked through these Saigon lane and street
Through its ghetto where those hatred bad and evil meet
Once I met an invalid homeless poor old man
He held out his hand ask me for only some cent
The rain kept falling and the cold was freezing
Didn't look back hurriedly I kept on walking
But the winter rain really make my heart feel the pain
Suddenly I thought about the poor old man
I looked around but strange… didn't see no man
Only me left alone in the pouring rain

[Verse 2]
Everytime my mama shouts at me her child
I spend my whole night thinking 'bout this cruel life
I remember some asking "Is life worth living?"
Yeah living but with giving, receiving and loving
Just like being good at every life's aspects
And then expect to be love be cared and be respected
Now here it goes the universal truth
Life's a mirror you smile to it it'll smile back to you
Welcome to
But people often bear a grudge and there's no trust
And themselves they see in the mirror make them hurt blow them off like a dust
They don't know it still do it they will just lose it
So egoistic don't care how the others feel it
Or they just take everything so serious
And again just becuz they're not generous
Well they make a mistake and that'll make them stay in loneliness
I know it feel it but I can't help it yeah it's hopeless
I'm Dead ( Remixed ) - Nah
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Cảm nhận: I'm Dead ( Remixed ) - Nah
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