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The Nights - Avicii

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The Nights - Avicii

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Ca sĩ: Avicii

1. Hey, once upon a younger year
When all our shadows disappeared
The animals inside came out to play
Hey, went face to face with all our fears
Learned our lessons through the tears
Made memories we knew would never fade.

One day my father he told me
"Son, don't let it slip away"
He took me in his arms, I heard him say.

"When you get older
Your wild heart will live for younger days
Think of me if ever you're afraid."

He said, "One day you'll leave this world behind
So live a life you will remember"
My father told me when I was just a child
These are the nights that never die
My father told me.

2. When thunder clouds start pouring down
Welcome to
Light a fire they can't put out
Carve your name into those shining stars
He said, "Go venture far beyond these shores
Don't forsake this life of yours
I'll guide you home no matter where you are."

The Nights - Avicii
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