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Walking Away - Craig David

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Walking Away - Craig David

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Ca sĩ: Craig David
Sáng tác: Album: Greatest Hits

1 - I'm walking away
From the troubles in my life
I'm walking away
Oh, to find a better day

Repeat 1

Sometimes, some people get me wrong
When it's something I've said or done
Sometimes, you feel there is no fun
That's why you turn and run
But now I truly realize
Some people don't wanna compromise
Well I saw them with my own eyes
Spreading those lies, yeah

2 - Well I don't wanna live a lie
Too many sleepless nights
Not mentioning the fights
I'm sorry to say lady

Repeat 1

Well I'm so tired baby
Of things you say
You're driving me away
Whispers in the powder room baby
Welcome to
Don't listen to the games they play
Girl I thought you'd realized
I'm not like them other guys
Cuz I saw them with my own eyes
You should've been more wise babe

Repeat 2

Repeat 1 to fade
Walking Away - Craig David
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