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Earned It - The Weekend

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Earned It - The Weekend

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Ca sĩ: The Weekend
Sáng tác: Fifty Shades Of Grey OST

1. You make it look like it's magic
Cause I see nobody, nobody but you, you, you
I'm never confused
Hey, hey.

I'm so used to being used
So I love when you call unexpected
Cause I hate when the moment's expected
So I'ma care for you, you, you
I'ma care for you, you, you, you, yeah
Cause girl you're perfect
You're always worth it
And you deserve it
The way you work it
Cause girl you earned it
Girl you earned it.

2. You know our love would be tragic
So you don't pay it, don't pay it no mind
We live with no lies
Hey, hey
You're my favorite kind of night.
Welcome to


3. On that lonely night
You said it wouldn't be love
But we felt the rush
It made us believe it there was only us
Convinced we were broken inside, inside.

Earned It - The Weekend
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