Love Is Just A Way To Die lyrics

Love Is Just A Way To Die - I Am Strikes

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Love Is Just A Way To Die - I Am Strikes

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Ca sĩ: I Am Strikes
Sáng tác: Album: Low Standards EP; Explicit

1. I took on all your pain
Oh, what a great mistake i made
I never thought you'd leave me
With all your burdens overneath me.

'I miss you' would be understated
Memories have slowly faded
That love you sacrificed
Was just another way to die.

If heaven is a place you'll go
I don't know if i will ever see you
And if you leave before you know
I'll let go of all we've ever been through
I'm finding out the ways to live
In spite of all the wars you left inside my mind
Love is just a way to die.

2. We both have scars to show off
All the nights we carved alone
If you'd come back, believe me
Welcome to
I'd show you pain is not self-healing.

Do you think of me at breakfast?
When you're hungry nights are sexless?
One day you'll come to find
I found another way to die.
Love Is Just A Way To Die - I Am Strikes
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