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Scary Story - Will Smith

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Scary Story - Will Smith

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Ca sĩ: Will Smith

Daddy can you tell me a story?
Oh you wanna hear a story? What kind of story you wanna hear baby?
A scary story
Oh, ok
Once upon a time there was a kid who wanted nothin' more than to rhyme
Almost like he was born in the rhyme
He thought of his rhymes almost all of the time
And he fought with his mom
His school getting caught with his rhyme book
And he knew he shouldn't of took it there in the first place
At least he shouldn't of been sittin lookin there in her face with it
Teacher told him get it out of her class
Wicked witch, trick told him that's probably why you won't pass
Now if you shy you won't last but you're new
So underneath his breath before he left he said I'm a be richer then you
What you say? She said.
What you mean? He said.
Boy don't you play, she said.
What you mean? He said. Damnit.
Ten minutes later standin up in the principles office
Getting handed the phone clammed up cause his father was talking
And he was pissed he wasn't listening to his son.
You testing me? You messin up again
You done boy.
This is just a story about a young man comin up in the rap game
A real scary story
Went from rags to riches it has goblins in it haters and witches. Uh.


First thing he did was find somebody to give him some money.
He wasn't stupid but wasn't using his senses honey.
The guy's he meant was a little shady, a little funny.
But they gave him the money so they played the record company.
It sounds silly but when he grew up in Philly rhymin wasn't what it is today
Deals wasn't a dime a dozen
Today every sister, uncle, or mom or cousin gotta record deal
But for real it wasn't like that then.
As you could imagine when he started risin to fame and fortune he was
havin Started antagonizing the guy's he was with
Welcome to
At the same time he started realizing
The deal he got from them guys in his eyes didn't fly with size of his hits
He called a meeting to find a solution.
He said I'm gettin beat out of my loot
And I'm not recording no more until we find a solution
The dude's said we found a solution its this .44
He ran for the door a little shaken
But the next day he found a lawyer, told him the situation
He said I'm breakin this contract for ya
He said how much the lawyer said I'm a charge you a quarter cause I like you
Just do me a favor
get your life in order

Scary Story - Will Smith
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